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Sistar is like my ultimate group. The title song did not have as much of an impact on first listen than their other title tracks but it does grow on you. I’m so used to them being fierce and very womanly but this song is very cute and aegyo-ey. That Beyonce Drunk in Love move though… that move is supposed to be a groove move… like nonchalant and just bouncey and stuff… putting it in a choreography made it look so awkward. Dasom’s singing part and that cute pre-chorus/hook dance move though were the stand outs. Since I’m a big fan of SISTAR, I’ll probably be jamming to the title song a lot. But people who don’t follow SISTAR probably won’t, unlike their past releases. Songs like Alone, Loving U and GITM and SISTAR19 releases, you didn’t have to be a fan to appreciate the musicality. TMB is just quite generic. I’m really happy they’re doing well on the charts though. :) Their other songs too! Considering it’s summer and it’s by SISTAR maybe it’ll have a “What’s Your Name” moment.  

The mini-album is really good! I wish they came out with the song “But I Love U” as title track but considering a weak fanbase they need a song that appeals better to the public. The Bora flow on that one is realllllllllllllllll. The vocals were a good representation of SISTAR too on that one.

omgggggggggg kill me now !!!!!!!!!!!!

YOON BORA (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)